U.S. Professor Gives a Lecture on “Scientific Writing in Chemistry” at UCAS

  • 日期:2014-06-27
  • 2063
Prof. Rainer Ernst Glaser from University of Missouri–Columbia gave a lecture on the course of “Scientific Writing in Chemistry” at the UCAS School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering on June 19. Prof. Glaser took a lot of high-quality SCI papers of different publications as examples to explain the do's and don'ts in English scientific writing. His in-depth instruction included a number of aspects including quantitative data, process design, chart arrangement, use of colors and references and he also gave a classroom test. His easy-to-understand and humorous approach won a lot of applause from the students. A total of 168 students from various chemistry-related schools and institutes of Chinese Academy of Sciences took “Scientific Writing in Chemistry” as an elective course.