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  • HanBuxing HanBuxing
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    · Jie Ke, Buxing Han et al.,“How Does the Critical Point Change during a Chemical Reaction in Supercritical Fluids? A Study of the Hydroformlation of Propane in Supercritical CO2”, J. Am. Chem. Soc.,2001, 123, 3661. · Xiaogang Zhang, Buxing Han et al. “Direct Measurements of the Enthalpy of Solution of Solid Solute in Supercritical Fluids: Study on CO2-Naphthalene System”, Chem.-A Eur. J., 2001, 7(19), 4237. · Hongping Li , Xiaogang Zhang , Buxing Han et al., “Effect of phase behavior and pressure on the constant volume heat capacity and intermolecular interaction of ethanol-CO2 and n-pentane-CO2 mixtures in the critical region”, Chem.-A Eur. J.,2002, 8, 451. · Juncheng Liu, Buxing Han et al., “Formation of Water-in-CO2 Microemulsions with Non- fluorous Surfactant Ls-54 and Solubilization of Biomacromolecule”,Chem.-A Eur. J.,2002, 8,1021. · Jianling Zhang, Buxing Han et al., “Recover by Compressed CO2 of ZnS Nanoparticles Synthesized in Reverse Micelles,Chemical Communications, 2001,24, 2724. · Zhenshan Hou, Buxing Han et al., “Pressure tuning of reaction equilibrium of esterification of acetic acid with ethanol in compressed CO2”, J. Phys. Chem. B, 2001, 105, 4510. · Dan Li, .Buxing Han, et al., “Effect of Gas Anti-solvent on Conformation of Polystyrene in Toluene: Viscosity and SAXS Study”, Mocromolecules, 2001,34, 2195. · Dan Li, Buxing Han et al., “SAXS by Dilute Solution of Bisphenol A Polycarbonate during Adding Anti-solvent CO2”, Macromolecules, 2001,34, 6721.

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